Goodville 2017

2017 fick jag nöjet att besöka Goodville festivalen. Här är lite bilder!

Awakened by the autonomic joys of play and curiosity, Goodville is the guardian of the innocence. A community and a festival that embodies playfulness, lightness, freedom and the expectation of wonder.

It is with that energy that we invite you to help us freeze time again this year; in a place where we decrease the space between us to build a base where ideas can be expressed and meaningful growth can be developed. There, aligned by nature and the aspiration towards fellowship, we break out of the boxes that confide us to discover our true selves and to delve into understanding the upper limits of who we can become.

Besides being a hub for the music we love, and all our friends Goodville is also the spot where you’ll get all the summer and festival necessities you need. That includes tattoos, Jatamansi incense, healing, chakra-healing, harnesses, clothes, bags, singing bowls-meditation, thirst-quenchers, buns and much, much, much more.


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